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Advantages of (m) maquetter service over ppt-presentations
October 20, 2014

Presentation of layouts is a complex process, which may be practically implemented with the help of different methods. Someone will provide his client with hard copy versions of the created layouts, another person likes to use file-sharing services, while the third person simplifies this process and sends files to the client's email address or Skype address. However, there is another method, ...

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How to present layouts to a customer and save time?
October 13, 2014

To make layout presentation easier for you, we have decided to introduce an easy navigation that will be clear even for beginners. You can switch between the layouts using arrow keys or, if your customer uses sensor devices, he/she can navigate with fingers.The numbers include four digits, the first two indicate the page (folder) number, and the last two – the number of layout init. Example of ...

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New possibility of (m) maquetter service: percentage of the approved layouts
October 06, 2014

How often a project manager asks a question to designer: which layouts are approved? Or, even worse:this question may be asked several times concerning the same layouts (sometimes such situation makes angry both persons). And how many times a designer (after having received this question) begins to switch to psd folder, then he goes to the folder containing jpg and png files, finds ...

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Useful update for (m) maquetter service, verification of layout approval
September 29, 2014

The project presented to the customer may consist of numerous layouts (and their versions). The more of these layouts, the harder it is to remember which of them have already been approved. Such identification takes a lot of time, and this problem involves not only designers, but also the clients themselves. It is important for both designers and customers to clearly see what projects were ...

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(m) maquetter will be suitable both for large-scale studios, and independent freelancers
September 15, 2014

It is a very convenient working practice to present design layouts with the help of our (m) maquetter service, and it is not so important, who are you – a designer, studio, or intermediary agent, whose job is to swap finalized layouts to client only. Any large company usually employs many specialists who perform their own specific tasks, and sometimes these tasks may be sufficiently narrow ...

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