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(m) maquetter will be suitable both for large-scale studios, and independent freelancers

September 15, 2014

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It is a very convenient working practice to present design layouts with the help of our (m) maquetter service, and it is not so important, who are you – a designer, studio, or intermediary agent, whose job is to swap finalized layouts to client only. Any large company usually employs many specialists who perform their own specific tasks, and sometimes these tasks may be sufficiently narrow ones. Collaboration and communication with clients are rarely included to the list of designers' professional practices and activities. Usually a designer receives an order, create a layout, and then submit this layout to third persons (project managers or chief designers) who will immediately communicate with client. Then this work process is performed in the opposite direction: client makes his/its corrections, while manager establishes contact with designer and provides him with necessary instructions.

In this case, it will be very inconvenient to send layout files in accordance with the usual procedure, because of designer must firstly send this layout to the project manager's e-mail address, and only then he will send this file to client. Such approach requires spending too much time,and it is naturally that any self-respecting company usually tries to optimize this process in one way or another. In many cases, internal flow of messages and quantity of layouts significantly outweigh external flow of messages, which are accessible for the client. To date, designers do not already create 10 versions of a layout. Today all these 10 versions remain to be at the disposal of the relevant studio, and only 1 or 2 layouts will be presented to a client.

In this case, (m) maquetter service is the most convenient approach 

With the help of our service, you will have the following possibilities: easy downloading all necessary layouts and you may also share with a convenient short link/URL to these layouts. In this case, it is not necessary for the project manager to ensure prolonged transfer of files – it is merely sufficient for him to swap relevant link to client.

Saving of time is obvious

There can be no doubt that providing a client with short links to relevant layouts and their versions would make it possible to ensure essential saving of time, because of it is not necessary to provide the relevant addressee with comprehensive explanations concerning the application program that is to be used in order to open image files, which were swapped to the addressee's e-mail, concerning guidelines for using Photoshop etc. In fact, such explanations are beyond the administrative functions of designer – he must not teach clients and train them in a software operation. A designer must only present the finalized layout to a client in the form, which would satisfy this client. That is exactly the task our (m) maquetter service is capable to perform completely. At all times, any project manager, who have access to the link received from designer, may view layouts, select them, send his comments to designer, send layouts back for rework and debugging, as well as hide these layouts in (m) maquetter. At the same time, project manager may send those layouts, which must not be reworked, to client with the help of the same link.

There are no restrictions concerning utilization of short links. Customer may easily open such links being on the road with the help of his mobile device (for instance,, have a look at layouts, and make his comments concerning the work performed. You may have an essential saving of time and make your client very happy by demonstrating your professional approach to presenting layouts.

(m) maquetter offers an excellent mode of efficient and comfortable communication with your client. This statement is true both for large companies, which employ many specialists of various professions, and for freelancers, who cooperate with clients immediately. If you want to make sure that above statements are true and correct, you may use trial version of this service during fourteen days. Go away from margins of technological progress – it is high time to go to new achievements with the help of (m) maquetter.

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