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Advantages of (m) maquetter service over ppt-presentations

October 20, 2014

Presentation of layouts is a complex process, which may be practically implemented with the help of different methods. Someone will provide his client with hard copy versions of the created layouts, another person likes to use file-sharing services, while the third person simplifies this process and sends files to the client's email address or Skype address. However, there is another method, which a great many people consider as a sufficiently flexible and efficient one – demonstration of layouts in the form of a ready-made and completed ppt-presentation.

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Undoubtedly, it is difficult to underestimate efficiency of ppt-presentations.In fact, such presentations consist of bright, beautiful, and full-color slides,which are provided with relevant captions. Each slide may include image of oneor another layout. All slides are arranged in proper order, and it ensures additional convenience of seeing. Client may open such presentation on his computer provided that it is equipped with already installed Microsoft Office program package, which is already installed, perhaps,on every alternative PC user. Designer must not continuously send files, because of only one ppt-presentation already includes all necessary layouts from the very beginning.

It is not possible to wrangle with all the "pluses" that are listed above. However, ppt-presentations have their own specific "minuses"as well, and it is the reason why     ppt-presentations lose the game with (m) maquetter service.

(m) maquetter service will let you to go away hidden pitfalls of ppt-presentations

Let us consider the reasons why ppt-presentations may be unsuitable in the course of demonstration of layouts to clients. Firstly, such presentations require a prolonged time for their creation and development. You must install Microsoft Office program package (if it was not installed on your computer until now), create each separate slide, and add a relevant caption to each slide (which may be sufficiently long sometimes). All these operations require much time and efforts.

Secondly, ppt-presentation is not so flexible designer's tool, as (m) maquetter service. If your client will wish to see a new version of any page of a web site, you have to recreate many new slides. As theresult, all these things will cause a situation, when you will be engaged in resending of separate files or renewed versions of the entire presentation, and this situation, naturally, will very embarrass your client. There are no any possibilities to roll back to the previous version of your layout, and this will complicate the process of demonstration of the entire project. 

Thirdly, it is not possible to open ppt-presentations with the help of smartphones and mobile telephones (if they have no proper application programs, which are not so simple for downloading and installation on the road). If your client uses only mobile telephone as his main communication equipment, then you will deprive him of the opportunity to look through and learn your layouts quickly, because he must install application programs, and this will result in an excessive thief of time. 

(m) maquetter service wins with ease in the sphere of these problems, because it has a comfortable interface with automatically numbering of layouts, extended history, which makes it possible to roll back to any versions of layouts, support mobile devices, and comment each layout. If you will utilize (m) maquetter, then you will have a possibility to save up to 90% of your time.

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