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New possibility of (m) maquetter service: percentage of the approved layouts

October 06, 2014

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How often a project manager asks a question to designer: which layouts are approved? Or, even worse:this question may be asked several times concerning the same layouts (sometimes such situation makes angry both persons). And how many times a designer (after having received this question) begins to switch to psd folder, then he goes to the folder containing jpg and png files, finds correspondence, etc. And even after the moment, when designer has already understood, which layouts are approvedal ready, it is necessary to recount these layouts.  

As the result, we have decided to add a new functionality — percentage of readiness of layouts for each section (folder) of the web-site. 

How it works? It is sufficient to only look to the horizontal menu of the client's section of inter face (for example,пример). This horizontal menu is situated at the very bottom of the screen. Circles, which are situated next to all folders, display visual information on the percentage of readiness of all layouts within each folder (as the ratio of visible layouts to the approve dones).  

In addition, you may place mouse pointer to a circle and see quantity of the approved layouts (in relation to their total quantity). If all layouts within this folder are approved already, then relevant circle will have flood filling.  

We also have duplicated this functionality in the designer's section:

This functionality will make new possibilities for you and your client: you will be always well informed on dynamics of various projects. It will also let you to identify (ona timely basis), which section of the site yet contains unapproved layouts (it may be very useful both for you, and your client).  

We hope that this possibility will make your life much easier. Watch the news on blog of (m) maquetter service.

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