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How to create an effective structured layouts presentation for clients?
December 09, 2014

There are many problems which disturb us and we don’t know how to solve them. There are many solutions which we don’t know how to apply and use correctly. John Conway’s invention of a new design for umbrella was immediately rejected and it lasted for several decades, but now we actively use the umbrellas of his design. We have the similar problem. Upon initial estimate it should be supposed that ...

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Black Friday! Enormous discounts for maquetter tariffs
November 24, 2014

Did you know that Black Friday is around the corner? It means that it is time to put aside some money for a good bargain in maquetter! We offer stunning discounts on this day –50% for all tariffs. Are you intrigued? Do not forget to mark this day in your calendar, it is just sacrilege to miss such discounts!Let's look forward to Black Friday, friends!

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Time is money: how maquetter helps save time and maximize profit
November 19, 2014

Any down time in the working process results in loss of money. Down time in the work of a designer is especially dangerous as the working day is not eternal – you should meet the deadlines, hand over the job and get payment. In theory, everything looks very smooth, however, in practice, you may face most unexpected problems: the client did not like the site design, he had a wrong idea what the ...

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How to make a website design development profitable? (Part4)
November 13, 2014

Today we will refer to prototypes. First of all, I want to ask 32% of readers who are already acquainted with them, not to prevent the other 49% of readers from understanding this question because they have never tried working with services for prototyping.     Do you know about existence of services for prototyping? 32% I know and use them; 25% I’ve heard ...

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How to establish an effective communication with a client?
November 10, 2014

How does regular communication between a designer and a client look like? The dialogue is established by using an e-mail, communication over a telephone, messages\calls in various messengers (skype etc.). According to the statistics only 12% of all clients use the communicating tools available in the project management systems.    When discussing the ...

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