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Useful update for (m) maquetter service, verification of layout approval

September 29, 2014

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The project presented to the customer may consist of numerous layouts (and their versions). The more of these layouts, the harder it is to remember which of them have already been approved. Such identification takes a lot of time, and this problem involves not only designers, but also the clients themselves. It is important for both designers and customers to clearly see what projects were approved and when.

Now it is quite possible to do - our (m) maquetter service has acquired a new useful feature. You will be able to find out quickly which layout was approved (and when it was approved) and which layout requires further improvement. This feature will also be useful to customers as they will be able to save their time, because they do not need to remember which of the layouts have already been approved (each layout has the date of approval). Experience new opportunity right now.

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