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How to establish an effective communication with a client?

November 10, 2014

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How does regular communication between a designer and a client look like? The dialogue is established by using an e-mail, communication over a telephone, messages\calls in various messengers (skype etc.). According to the statistics only 12% of all clients use the communicating tools available in the project management systems.    

When discussing the a project, the clients use only those tools they got used to. As a last resort, the client and designer strike a compromise – choose one mode of communications for the project. However, keep in mind that the client should be familiar with this mode of communication. He will not study other communication methods in behalf of the layouts (which sometimes comprise only 1\4 or 1\6 ofthe project).  

In some services the client can write comments to the layouts in the client end.  We did NOT implement this purposely because only 10% of the clients use this service. We would like to offer only the essential tools and services excluding all the unnecessary tools and services to create simple and understandable interface for a common user.        

Communication should be established in a favorable format for the client. It is for this reason the creators of (m) maquetter service have decided not to implement any new tools for a chat to the interface. It is quite easy to overload the interface but will it be useful for the new clients? All these will only lead to new questions and complex explanations and, therefore, learning to use the service. Our task is to concentrate all the time and attention only on the layouts. We wanted to make interface as simple and easy as possible for any user to get familiar with it in less than one minute.   

However, we would like to know your opinion about this service.  Do you agree with the theses mentioned above in the article? Would you like to have an embedded chat system in the service? Will it help to establish better communication with the client? Share your thoughts on this subject:

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