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Time is money: how maquetter helps save time and maximize profit

November 19, 2014

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Any down time in the working process results in loss of money. Down time in the work of a designer is especially dangerous as the working day is not eternal – you should meet the deadlines, hand over the job and get payment. In theory, everything looks very smooth, however, in practice, you may face most unexpected problems: the client did not like the site design, he had a wrong idea what the layout would look like, you could not reach him for a long time. It is impossible to predictit all, so you’d better secure yourself in advance.

How can you do that? The easiest way to avoid extra expenses is to create sketches of the layouts that the clients will be able to review using a handy interface. Intuitive interface is very important in this case as it will influence the client’s understanding of the layouts and his general idea of your project. Also, he will be able to compare it with what he wanted initially – whether this idea comes up to his personal expectations. It is very difficult to explain it in words, and the designer could well have omitted some important details, and sometimes it is a detail that makes the big picture. 

In order not to waste your time on various explanations and updates that were not part of your plan, you should always plan your working process thoroughly and exclude all the unnecessary components. The interaction with the client should be organized through the (m) maquetter service – this will save you all explanations and, therefore, time. You spend much time even to type a message describing the process of downloading and installation of graphics editing software. It is also the case for conversations on the phone. It is more than just five minutes, and such lapses result in lost profit.

Yous hould save time always and in any situation. Of course, you will hardly be able to present the layouts from the first attempt. The client usually asks for some improvements. But it will benefit you if you eliminate minor things and micro-pauses from your working process. For example, the client asked you to return to a previous version of the layout. If you do not use (m)maquetter, you will hectically browse plenty of files on your computer to find the right version. With (m)maquetter you can just open the history ofthe layouts and select the right file. That is it, you will not even have to send adifferent link to the client. Agree that it is very handy and time-saving.

Time is money. Saving time with minor things, you will maximize your profit. And (m) maquetter will help you reach this aim.

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