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Instantaneous refreshment of layouts is an advantage of (m) maquetter service

April 14, 2014

In the course of demonstration of layouts, it is very often the case that a designer makes decision to download all files to the required server through an FTP server. Naturally, in the course of subsequent rework these files may be changed, any unnecessary layout may be downloaded instead of the necessary one; however, the cached copy of the necessary layout will remain the same. The problem at issue is in the following: if your client will follow the link to the image, it is possible that he will see an old version of required file, which was already changed (however, it was not downloaded as of yet). As the result, an embarrassing situation may arise, when client and designer will discuss absolutely different versions of the same layout.

How one can resolve the problem? We offer you to take advantage of a brand-new tool for presentation of layouts – (m) maquetter service. With the help of our new service, you will have a possibility to overcome the problem that is connected with caching of layouts – all layouts will be uploaded and displayed immediately after changing these layouts, and these layouts will be accessible using the link, which was assigned for them from the very beginning. In this case, it is not necessary to send more and more links to different versions of layouts, and such procedure will make it possible to save very much time. Client will have a possibility to see new version of layout, as soon as you will upload the same to (m) maquetter. Taking into account the fact that it is possible to upload layouts with the help of a simple dragging procedure, you will really save much time.

(m)maquetter service ensures that you will only operate with an active/recentversion of your layout at any time

If you will utilize (m) maquetter, you will forget such things as cached or old versions of layout. The last version of layout, which you already have uploaded, will always remain an active version for your client. Even though a person is on the road, he/she always may utilize short links in order to browse and look through any new layout that you have already updated. It is much easier to utilize only one short link than operate with many links, which will be connected with different versions of layouts – and this will be exactly the case if you will upload links to new server-based layout versions to your customer. Caching plugins – it is not so very serious problem given that you always may clear the cache memory manually. However, imagine how much time your client will spend if he will clear his PC cache memory all the time. Is it a comfortable procedure? Is it an efficient way? The answer is obvious - "No!"

If you wish to ensure that your client would always have a possibility to look through the corrections you have made in the layout, you have to take advantage of our (m) maquetter service! At last, it is not necessary for you to send a new link to your client, because of only one link will remain the same. Just say to your client that revised and updated layout is waiting for his approval, and that is all you need to do.

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