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Live presentation of layouts – it's as easy as pie with the help of (m) maquetter

April 21, 2014

Image titleRemote presentation of layouts – it is a very handy procedure, first of all, in the situations, where your client resides at his office, which is situated at the distance of several thousands kilometers from your office. However, sometimes it happens that your client and you are residents of the same city, and thus he wants to meet with you in his own person in order to discuss all details of the project. In this case, you must prepare and organize a live presentation for him.

Such presentations are most often organized for a limited group of interested participants (owners of the relevant site, project managers, or other responsible official persons). It will cost too much to hire a huge conference hall that is to be equipped with all necessary technical devices (projection instruments, stands, etc.), particularly in the cases where you cooperate with small businesses. Therefore, it is usual to select simple office premises forsmall presentations (possibly, even offices your clients). And then, various problems always arise: firstly, nobody knows password   Wi-Fi :) (or nobody wantsto submit this password for safety and security reasons), secondly, devices are not connected to the power supply network (or they work poorly), and thirdly, some wires are absent. All these problems require spending too much time and taking many efforts. Nevertheless, it is possible to go another and the simplest way – to take advantage of our (m) maquetter service for presentation of your layouts.

How (m) maquetter service may help in this situation?

If your client has asked you to make a live presentation of a layout, you may visitthe client's office along with your notebook computer and make a simple operation: enter short link to your project in the relevant browser's window.You must not bring various USB flash drives; you may utilize any available device, including your client's notebook computer. Web-site is supported by all browsers (due to Webkit utilization).

Now it is only a matter of technique to ensure subsequent demonstration of layouts and provide step-by-step explanations concerning each layout. You may send such link to your client ahead of time in order to provide him with a possibility to look through your layouts before the moment, when you will visit his office in order to make your live presentation in a proper manner. In this case, you will have only to provide your answers to some specific questions exercising your client and take note of his comments and wishes. You may also ask him a question concerning the layouts, which he likes or dislikes.

It is high time to stop getting into a muddle of wires, crawling upon stomach undertables, and making adjustments of various devices in order to make your live presentation. (m) maquetter service will provide you with a simple possibility to display your layouts in the course of the live presentation in order to ensure that your client will be pleasantly impressed with your creative abilities. Simply visit him along with your notebook and enter proper link to the project in the browser's window, and that is all you need to do.

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