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April 07, 2014

Web designers actively follow different trends in the field of web site development, and study and implement interesting findings involving CSS, JC, and etc. Unfortunately, many designers leave out of an account different tools that would make it work with web sites easier, which would allow working time to be used more efficiently. Looking at some statistics we can conclude that 80% of designers do not use new tools because they do not know about the existence of these tools. As a result, these people continue to e-mail to clients ready-made layouts and make the same mistakes, which result in lost time and potential profit.

(m) maquetter – is a quick way to present layouts

We have already told you about issues that designers face when e-mailing layouts to clients. It is very sad that designers keep on top of the latest web trends only to omit from the account new useful tools, thinking they are not worth it. You can often hear them saying, “Why would I need these lame tools? Greens can work with them. I will do things the way I am used to doing them.” We are not sure about the nature of this behavior. Maybe designers are afraid of taking time to study, or of changes to a familiar order in operations, but the fact remains the same: most designers, even the advanced ones, keep using old-fashioned, outmoded solutions, tools and facilities.

There are some designers who take any opportunity to optimize their work process. They have already discovered (m) maquetter, and bring a fresh approach to cooperation with clients. Any designer could quickly and painlessly present a layout to a client with (m) maquetter, even if the client has zero experience in using such a tool. The client can simply open a link in his browser and see if the layout meets his needs. If you really want to amaze the client, then you should prepare a colorful presentation, but that takes time. It is much easier to put all the layouts of the web site in the service, organize them, and then send the link to the client. This way the client can review the project at a convenient time and e-mail further instructions.

We would like to emphasize the advantages of (m) maquetter

  • increases work speed

  • best way to communicate with clients

  • saves tim

  • friendly interfac

  • avoids technical and programming tools

(m) maquetter is a formula for profit

The main problem many web designers face is a commitment to outmoded tools. It is possible to move to a new level by optimizing the work flow, and to earn additional profit that is otherwise lost due to lack of free time. That was the aim of creating (m) maquetter. We have already examined it, and it really works – our communication with clients got quicker and much more efficient.

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