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The issue of presenting of a layout to a client on remote

March 05, 2014

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Freelancers, web studious, and different agencies often cooperate with remote clients, who wish to see the layout of the still-under-development web site to know if the result one hundred percent satisfies them. It  raises a large problem: how to effectively demonstrate a ready-made layout to a client on remote, because sometimes it is built in different design systems, applications and programs, which assign files their own  extensions. Sending a ready-made layout with an unclear extension means snowing yourself in with tons of questions that have to be answered. Obviously, it would take a lot of time, and would be an absolutely irrational and unreasonable step. It is much better to use this time for something more effective, like the development of your own project

(m) maquetter is your best friend and assistant in presenting layouts

So, what should you do in a situation like this? Is there a nuanced and more effective solution allowing you to build simple, easy, and quick cooperation with a client? Absolutely. This solution is (m) maquetter. This service is meant for convenient presentation of layouts to a client. And the client is not required to have any technical skills for reviewing the project. You can easily load all of your layouts to demonstrate them to the client afterwards. It avoids taking the time to transfer the files, explain which program to use to open them, how to work with them, how to review them, etc. The ability to set several layouts for each page lets the client choose the most suitable option. All layouts are indexed (for example 0104), therefore the client can always tell you the exact number of any given layout, or point out desired changes.

(m) maquetter represents the structure of layouts perfectly. It is possible to group layouts for different areas and sections of a web site (or just to group by implication). Undeniably, it makes cooperation with clients much easier and smoother because there is no need to investigate what exactly the client hadn’t liked in a layout – you can just specify the number of the layout and make the changes, all of which will be immediately reflected on the client’s side. We should also mention that the client’s part of the service fully supports all browsers and has a version for tablets and smartphones.

All that, almost for free

The low cost of the (m) maquetter service subscription allows you to easily access advanced tools, enabling you to present layouts on remote in short time frames. If you are still e-mailing your layouts, carefully explaining to your client how to work with the files, how to open them, and which programs to install, then it is time to optimize this process. Because time is the most valuable currency for a designer.

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