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(m) maquetter why our approach to presentation of layouts is the most efficient one

March 17, 2014

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It is possible to present layouts to your client with the help of various methods. Each designer (or project manager) cooperates with his client in such a manner as he thinks best. Of course, not all approaches are really efficient ones, however, designers very often shut their eyes to this problem. Has client received finalized version of your layout? Very good! Something is wrong? We will make corrections and upload updated layout once again. Hardly anyone thinks whether his client likes to receive layouts bye-mail, and whether it is comfortable for him to browse and look through them with the help of many various programs.

We have decided to revise this approach radically. The vast experience, which we have gained (our designers are engaged in this sphere of business more than 8 years already), has resulted in development of a convenient tool, which we have identified under the name of '(m) maquetter'. In the course of the years of cooperation with various clients, we have come to the conclusion that procedure of sending finalized files by e-mail is a bad form/mauvais ton. Clients put questions very often concerning the specific application programs they have to run in order to open layouts, they do not understand designers' slang and they cannot explain which specific modifications must be made. For this reason, they describe all problems only casually, thus urging designers to rework all their layouts day and night.Transfer of layouts transforms into very prolonged operation, which chew up valuable time and many working hours.

(m) maquetter service is your tried-and-true friend and assistant

Wehave decided to tackle this problem in a creative manner, through rethinking all aspects of cooperation with a client. In order to relieve your client from the necessity to discern the essence of programming solutions for the prolonged time, we have offered a handy browser service, which is ready to work with all operating systems, as well as with all devices, including mobile devices. In order to avoid copying of various links and unending necessity to send various versions of layouts, we have offered special short links, which will be assigned to each layout. In order to ensure that all layouts would be well-ordered and sorted, we have offered the automatic layout numbering system,which will be understandable for clients. In order to ensure that your client would be able to open layouts even on the road, we have offered a handy version of this service for mobile telephones, as well as another version for tablet computers.

That is just the beginning! In future, we plan to improve our (m) maquetter service through adding numerous useful innovations to this service. Stay in touch! We certainly will inform you concerning new improvements, which will simplify presentation of layouts to clients by times.

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