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(m) maquetter: works always and everywhere

August 04, 2014

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Customers have very little free time. Therefore, they try to spend it as useful as possible. Various meetings, trips, transactions – everything merges into one continuous patch work of events that needs to be scheduled, organized and accomplished. Obviously, that having such a tough schedule a person can hardly find time to deal with some files you emailed, and even less time to figure out how a particular application works.  We understand the complexity of the situation, and therefore we created a convenient (m) maquetter service, which enables you to present any site to the customer quickly and simply.

Business trips is not a reason to postpone cooperation                            

Usually, customers on the road avoid any business contacts or discussions, because they find this cooperation not very convenient. Sometimes they forget that it is possible to discuss and view layouts in remote mode, using a simple (m) maquetter service.We created this service for people not to be tied to some particular device or operating system and to be able to switch to a mobile device:  smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. when appropriate. It does not create any inconvenience.

Three versions of (m) maquetter service

We developed three versions of our service for desktop, tablet and mobile phones, so that your customers can quickly see designed layouts at the intuitive,easy-to-use interface. Versions of our services are supported by all modern browsers and work on all operating systems. Versions for mobile devices and tablets support touch navigation that allows you to scroll layouts quickly and easily.

One of the service features is the support of short links ( Your client can easily explain to you what kind of layout he/she liked, giving you a link to it. In turn, you can send the customer a link to the layout you have improved for him/her to compare it with the previous version. Short links are very convenient.  Such links can be easily kept in one SMS, you can share them through the services with character limit (e.g., Twitter).

Desktop users will appreciate easy navigation using the keyboard arrows. In addition, you can switch between layouts using the mouse: you just need to select the desired layout from the menu and click it.

Your customers will appreciate the convenience of (m) maquetter interface.

The Client of the (m) maquetter service was implemented with maximum usefulness.You do not need anything extra. Working with the mobile version of the serviceis as easy as watching the weather forecast or reading e-mail.  Your customer will never ask you where to click to see the layout.  Thus, you do not need to waste time on long explanation of the service work. 

User-friendly interface is the key to successful service. Knowing it, we tried to make the Client as simple, intuitive as possible, for it not to arise any questions from the customer. Try it and you will realize that you do not need anything else!

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